Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Gundam Build Fighters - 15

I was waiting to comment on the show until it finished, but goddamn, this episode was so fucking amazing I think I need to express my thoughts about it.
Rhythm Emotion nostalgia bomb with that shot!
I couldn't help but to keep grinning like an idiot during the entire fight between the Star Build Strike and the Fenice Gundams. It was so intense you could feel the passion of the animators pouring in every frame (Obariiiii!!!!!). It's even better when you catch glimpses and references of previous Gundam series.
So far, I think Gundam Build Fighters has managed well enough the whole concept of proxy battles, simply because it doesn't take itself so seriously unlike similar shows (I'm looking at you, Danball Senki!) and let's face it, its entire purpose is to keep selling model kits, which, I'm not ashamed to say so, has prompted me to purchase a few more (I'm expecting another haul as soon as the V2 is released in less than 10 days).
If you could pick up a model and fight with it like in the show, which one would you use? I'd like to try out my custom GN Flag Mk II or my Sinanju. Hell, why not the Alteisen Riese? It's a perfectly legal model kit!


Yami said...

It would be kinda IMBA if SRW kits join the fray but i would gladly use my Soulgain or even Huckebein boxer if it is possible lol

Kevin said...

Never seen this show yet, though I did buy the HG of X Maoh, because I really like the design lol.

I would use my MG Buster Gundam, it's recent favorite kit!

eko said...

I would use perfect grade gundam 00 raiser... and it can slice the worlds with those blades.. lol.