Friday, April 6, 2012

X and Je t'aime

How about some mecha Seiya?

B't X, another work of Kurumada spawned several interesting figures of the machines. I just received these as a gift, my two favorite B'ts from the series, X and Je t'aime. I'll try to do a review of both soon. What surprised me a lot was the size of the X figure. It's freaking HUEG! Gotta love all the mechanical details in both figures.


Yami said...

How much you pay for these toys Beamknight? considering that these are vintage stuffs so i guess it is quite expensive.

I watched BT'X back when i was a kid though now i don't really have many recollection about it but i think my favorite one is the Seiryuu guy.

beamknight87 said...

Yami: they were a gift =p. These guys are fairly difficult to find in brand new condition such as the ones I received since these toys date back to 1996! Some people here in Mexico put them to sale but at really high prices, like 70 bucks for that Je t'aime figure, which is quite a ripoff.

If I ever find the one you say I'll also try to get it. It's Ron and B't Raidow, a blue dragon.

Acroyear said...

I have some of those.

beamknight87 said...

Acroyear: really? Care to upload some pics/thoughts of them?

Acroyear said...
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