Monday, November 23, 2015

RG Gundam Astray Red Frame

The Red Frame is definitely one of the most popular designs that SEED delivered.
According to the lore, the Astray Gundams are quite light units that disregard armor for mobility and I think this feature is also present in the kit: you only need to put together very few pieces all over the inner frame to get each section done. In some sections like the arms and waist this is minimal. Perhaps the most complex one is the torso and that's just because of the array of overlapped parts. As a result, the model once put together feels quite light and I would dare to say slightly flimsy, mostly because the small feet make it kinda hard to properly get the balance to stand up.
In any case, this was a pretty quick and simple build, however, the final result is quite stylish.
Regarding weapons you get of course the iconic Gerbera Straight along its scabbard. This is the only section you will probably want to paint, as the pommel, handguard and tip of the scabbard come molded in an horrid puke yellow. A bit of gold paint shoud do the trick to make the whole thing much more presentable.
The scabbard is quite long and you get the option to attach it to either the thighs or the waist of the model kit. As expected, the blade itself of the sword is beautifully chromed, but also quite thin, so try to be careful when attaching it to the grip to avoid a disaster.
Similarly, in case you want to use the fixed hands you will need some white paint to detail them, as the knuckles and palms come molded fully in red out of the box.
There is also a very basic beam rifle which you can attach to the back skirt armor thanks to a small peg, although the whole thing can fall off by merely blinking.
The small backpack also comes with the classic pair of beam sabers. The most notable thing about them is that the beam effect parts are slighlty different from the usual UC tubes or 00 triangle shaped sabers.
Definitely a must have if you are a fan of the Red Frame, although if you are a fan of the Blue or Gold Frames I bet they will be exclusive releases.
Anyways, I can't wait to see the Metal Build version of this bad boy they will release next March. I was lucky enough to snatch one right before the preorders closed! And now that I think about it, this is the Gundam I have in more formats than any other thing in my collection: the old 1/100 HG, the updated 1/144 HG, the MG, this RG, the soon to be released NX Edge Style and then the Metal Build... what can I say, it's just so cool!

Saturday, November 7, 2015

MG Gundam X

Beware if the Moon is out!
The main machine from the After War Gundam X series, the Gundam X, has one of the most appealing designs out there.
This kit was a simple OOB build, although I put some extra effort on it, like adding some silver and gunmetal paint for certain sections, as well as replacing all the marking stickers with water slide decals, which definitely helped in making the model stand out even more.
The shield buster rifle is quite a curious weapon, I don't think any other rifle in the Gundam series is ever used as a shield. It is surprisingly large in comparison with the model and sports a very simple folding mechanism to transform.
The shoulder vulcan next to the head is another interesting weapon. Be aware that it is supposed to have a sensor, but you don't get a sticker or anything for it. However, cutting a little section of the spare green stickers can solve the problem.
Of course, the whole reason you buy this thing is to pose it as if it was firing the satellite cannon. It looks really impressive, although I suggest you to be very careful when manipulating the connector of the hardpoint. It can be a little frustrating to get the whole thing right, so if you struggle too much, you may accidentally break something. So be careful.
The reflectors are extremely shiny due to the reflective sheets of paper you put inside, followed by the clear parts which sport a honeycomb pattern all over them. Similarly, you can store the rifle in one of the hardpoints of the backpack. This may seem convenient, but talk about putting all your eggs in one basket. A lucky shot to the backpack and this Gundam is screwed!
There is also the beam sword, which sports a very unique handle among most mobile suits out there, as it even includes a handguard. The beam effect too is pretty outstading with its jagged edges. Definitely much better than the boring pink tubes.
While the model is a bit small, its proportions are great, and the sculpting is very sharp. I really, really recommend you to get this model, it is simply fantastic!