Thursday, March 5, 2015

DM Sword Strike!

I've always thought the Strike Gundam has a certain charm. It is so simple, but its sleekness and contemporary design make it so distinctive and attractive. And from all the Strike variants out there, the Sword Strike is my absoulte favorite, so I couldn't pass up this kit.

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In case you don't recognize it, this is the Sword Strike MG kit made by Dragon Momoko, not Bandai. Bootleg you say? Can't deny that, truth is this thing caught my attention ever since the first prototype was announced and it showed PG level of detail.
I do know there is a Bandai MG kit of the Sword and Launcher Strike, but the actual Strike model is so outdated I never bothered to buy that kit. Anyways, this is going to be an interesting project, but first, I have to finish that R-1 and then the RG Wing Zero Custom.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

R-1 WIP 1

I managed to get a good progress on this model during the weekend, although I have some some quirks I need to point out.
The 1/100 scale makes it deliciously big, however, as proved by the R-GUN I built previously, the nubs on the Kotobukiya kits tend to be quite big and atrocious, and this R-1 is no exception. The above, combined with the fact that a straight build makes this robot look so bland prompted me to repeat the weathering process I applied to my MG Skullheart, highlighting the edges all over the kit and so far, I'm loving the result, as it also helps to mask and hide the nubs and scratches that result from cutting off the parts from the runners.
Color separation is also excellent, painting is minimal and compared to my 1/100 Alteisen, this R-1 has a much more solid built: it doesn't feel like it will fall apart by merely staring at it. 
It is too bad that this kit doesn't have a LED to light up the eyes and cameras of the head, but I guess that was sacrificed in order to include the transformation gimmick. Still, I applied holographic stickers right behind the clear green pieces, so when the light hits them, they look really good. I'm really looking forward to see this fella completed.

Monday, February 23, 2015

R-1 Arrives!

Finally, this is one kit I've been looking forward to for a very, very LONG time to acquire.
The 1/100 Alteisen was kinda flimsy, but from the review I've seen of this R-1, it appears to be much more solid, despite having the transformation gimmick. Its kinda sad that Kotobukiya abandoned this line of robots after only 4 releases: Huckebein Mk II, Alteisen, R-1 and WildWurger. It would have been cool to see more 1/100 SRW units.
Well, one more model to add to the backlog, at least Ryusei has a really cool theme song.

Monday, February 9, 2015

The Last EX Gold Saint

Camus is finally here!
Besides the HUEG shoulder armors and skirt, as well a extremely long hair, Aquarius Camus EX is a pretty good figure, although rather average once you out it together with the rest of its golden companions. Is the collection finally complete? Almost, there is still a golden EX Myth Cloth (not from Bandai!) I'm waiting to be released next month...

Sunday, February 1, 2015

1/72 X-Wing

The sequence in which Luke Skywalker pilots this Incom T-65 X-Wing to destroy the Death Star is perhaps, my favorite scene of the entire Star Wars saga.
Use the Force, Luke!

This machine is the primary all-purpose starfighter of the Rebel Alliance and its successor governments. Originally developed by the Incom Corporation for the Empire, the whole engineering team defected to the Alliance. The maneuverability, speed, firepower and defensive capabilities quickly made of this machine the perfect choice for the Rogue Squadron, not to mention that its basic design made the X-Wing THE STARFIGHTER for a good 4 decades after its introduction.
This model kit by Bandai is simply fantastic, as it is a extremely faithful reproduction of the X-Wing we get to see in the movies. It comes molded in a light gray color, with some parts molded in red. It also provides you a good chunk of stickers and water slides to do some extra detailing.
Overall, the model has tons of panel lines you can detail, and the stickers are of a pretty high quality, not to mention that most of them cover nice, flat surfaces, offering you a very good result. The painting I did was minimal: only gunmetal for the 4 thrusters and the hyperdrive at the back. Pale grayblue for the covers of the turbines (a drop of yellow on top of one), haze gray for the hardpoints that hold the 4 laser cannons at the end of the wings and some silver and blue for the small RD-D2 unit chilling at the back of the fighter.
Th model faithfully reproduces the strike foils mechanism, which locks into place thanks to some little pegs at the end of the wings. You only need to push the wings a little to open them up in the distinctive "X" like appearance of the fighter.
Armament wise, you get the 4 Taim & Bak KX9 laser cannons, along with dual launch tubes molded in the main body of the model for the proton torpedoes. These come molded as a pair of pieces molded in clear pink, and you even get a little base to simulate the scene where Luke blows up the Death Star, nice detail, although that looks kinda silly for my taste. The mere display base was more than enough for me.
Overall, this is a pretty nice and simple kit I highly recommend if you minimally like the X-Wing, you'll love it. I hope Bandai keeps all of these Star Wars kits coming, now I need a Naboo Fighter and a TIE Interceptor!