Sunday, June 21, 2015

DM Sword Strike WIP 4

With the shoulder equipment done, this Gundam is almost ready.
The asymmetrical look the left shoulder gives is really nice. The light blue color in which the Sword Strike equipment is molded is also really good, but I think the real winner here is how the white markings serve as highlights all over these parts.
The rocket anchor looks great. I love that besides being a grappling claw, it can also serve as a shield for the Strike, albeit a small one.
Only the backpack and the giant sword are missing to complete this model.

Monday, June 15, 2015

ToyZone Gemini Kanon EX

The 13th Gold Saint is here, and no, this is not from Bandai.
If you collect Mtyh Cloths, I'm sure you are aware of all the bootlegs and third party figures out there. One company in particular, ToyZone, did a very impressive reproduction of the Aries EX Myth Cloth and when they announced that their next work was going to be Gemini, in like 5 different flavors, I decided this was the best chance to get myself a Kanon.
The reason is that the original Kanon EX figure was a event special release from Bandai, making it super expensive and a royal pain in the ass to get: you have to shell out like $300 or more for it.
Despite being the twin of Saga, I think Kanon deserves to be displayed donning the Gemini Cloth like he did during the Hades Chapter and boy, this figure is really good.
I heard lots of QC issues with this particular release, fortunately, it was not my case. The figure is a perfect replica of Bandai's, although the fact that it is 100% diecast (including the helmet!) makes it even sweeter!
Just a few things I have to point out:
- The feet are orange, rather than yellow as the rest of the Cloth. This is perhaps the most glaring issue.
- The left arm guard is quite loose once you insert it in the arm. Also, the hands come painted in a puke yellow color.
- The hair has a lot of leftover flash all over it.
And that's it. The armor pieces are super polished, especially the legs. While you don't get the parts needed to form the Gemini Object, they still provide you with the cape, along an extra face and hair of evil Saga. Neat detail, although I would have preferred the weathered white mantle the ToyZone Aries Shion EX OCE came with but hey, maybe I'm just nitpicking.
Anyways, this is highly recommended if you still don't have Kanon. And with this, I'm pretty much done collecting Myth Cloths, unless Bandai keeps releasing Specters and Silver Saints.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

DM Sword Strike WIP 3

With the base body complete I remembered just how great is the design of the Strike Gundam.
I used Vallejo Pale Gray Blue over some sections in order to make a contrast with all the white armor pieces. The highlights are the sides of the leg armors, since those are the larger areas that required paint.
I also applied EVERY single decal so far. It is such a pain, especially for the feet and legs (those sections have like 30+ markings in total), but the result is worth it. It also helps that all the surfaces for the decals are flat so you won't need a softener or anything.
Once assembled, it certainly resembles the PG Strike in terms of details and proportions. I'll work next in the shoulder equipment. I can't wait to see this bad boy wielding its giant sword!

Sunday, June 7, 2015

DM Sword Strike WIP 2

The weather was sunny for once after 2 weeks of rain, so I was able to advance some more on this kit, this time, with the shoulders and arms.
According to the cover of the manual, some sections of the armor of the Strike are gray, which makes a good contrast against all the white, reason why I used some Vallejo Pale Gray Blue in order to reproduce that look. The waist and legs will also require some gray paint too.
I also had to apply plenty of decals all over the arms, some of them were a pain, but the final result is worth the effort.
I was a little surprised with the left shoulder were the Sword equipment is attached. I was under the assumption that you had to build the normal shoulder and then slap the blue armor pieces on top of it but I was proven wrong, as the inner frame of that section is completely different from the right one, reason why that section is still bare.
With some luck, by the next weekend, this kit will be standing up on its own feet.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

SRW Z3 Tengoku Hen Platinum

Well, it is done, and honestly, this was a letdown.
Let's start with the glaring points: 
- For the final chapter of a saga that had FIVE games this was rather underwhelming, mostly because the plot relies waaaaaaaay too much on the OG enemies you fight over and over again to the point that it becomes a chore.
- The final boss is also super gay (FAGVENTOOOOOOOO) and a far cry of what we saw in @3. The enemies never feel menacing AT ALL. Hell, slap the Tension Raiser to your Ace squad and watch it blow everything to shit in one turn, bosses included.
- Your rooster is crowded with lots of units that are literal shit, being the most obvious example all those UC Gundam grunts they provide you with and that are absolutely useless (we really needed Katz?).
- As for the units that were worthwhile in the previous game, most of them got nerfed, HARD. Pretty much all of the 00 Gundam, Frontier and Votoms units are complete crap save for the main characters.

As for the good points:
- Visually the game is astounding, as the animations of some units are really mindblowing, unfortunately, there is a serious lack of dynamic kills.
- They tried to make some stages a little more entertaining by giving variety to the SR points, instead of them all being "kill everything fast", but that was only for very few scenarios.
- We finally saw the Laevatein and the Belial in a SRW game.
- Thanks to a special event in the game, you'll be dealing like 30k damage with single attacks, so you can go ahead and try to see how much damage you can make. Some dude has a formula to one shot the final boss with the Shin Getter...

In sum, the Z3 games felt as rushed, unpolished products that make average entries but that's it. I still think that splitting games in several chapters was a mistake. Now I can only hope that the eventual SRW OG 3rd game takes its sweet time to avoid all these mistakes.