Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fate UBW 03

So far, this has been great.
The adaptation added a couple of scenes that were absent in the visual novel, mainly in the form of Rin jobbing against Ilya and Saber actually killing Berserker.
Still, I think the scene where Archer nukes the graveyard lacked something, as in the novel, Shirou makes it very clear that Archer deliberately tried to kill him along with Berserker just for the heck of it. Here, it just seemed as a mere coincidence due to Saber being a dumb idiot and not moving away.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Vigna Zirah

Another unit used by Crossbone Vanguard in the U.C. year 123. The Vigna Zirah is the upgraded version of the Vigna Ghina (the suit Berah Ronah used in the F91 movie), with the major difference that it incorporates the VSBR technology in the backpack.

The design of this suit caught my eye, reason why I decided to purchase the model kit. It also helps that it was extremely cheap (less than 1,000 yen!), but how good it is?
Well, for starters, the kit is really old, so it is definitely blown out of the water by the recent HGs in terms of articulation. Similarly, it comes molded in only 2 colors, red and, surprisingly, gunmetal, so it will require some paint if you want it to shine. Still, once put together, it is quite a nice sight due to how fierce it looks with that red color scheme.
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All the red was painted with Tamiya Mica Red, as the plastic out of the box looks very toyish. There's also a whole bunch of details such as vents and thrusters all over the place, so you better ready your brush, along some gray and silver colors.The VSBRs in particular are the pieces that need the most work, as they come completely molded in red.
The kit provides you with a large sticker sheet with some cool warning marks and emblems, such as the Crossbone emblem in the forehead and that "Z" in the left shoulder, however, they are very large, so I suggest you to trim them before applying them.
As I said before, articulation is VERY limited, so you can't really strike that much of a pose with this model. Similarly, none of my display bases and connectors were able to hold it up, so, despite wanting an aerial pose, I had to go with a simple stand up pose. Nevertheless, I'm quite satisfied with the result I got.
The rifle in case you didn't notice, is the one of my MG F91, as the one that comes with this model is very plain looking, reason why I decided to replace it. It helps that the hands come with articulated fingers in order to insert the index in the trigger and hold it up.
Surprisingly, the beam shield can rotate, so you get a little more range in the way you want to pose it. Unfortunately, it is SO BIG that it will inevitably get obstructed by the shoulder of the mobile suit, so that also limits quite a bit the range of motion of the arm if you display it with the beam shield deployed.
The VSBRs can be deployed forward thanks to a double joint mechanism they have to connect to the backpack. They can open up to reveal the handles for the hands to grasp them. They are perhaps the most elaborated part of the model.
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I'm particularly fond of the head thanks to the clear blue visor it sports, which has a reflective silver sticker behind it, reason why it is so shiny. You get the option to build the head with a pair of eyes and a V-fin to get a Gundam looking head, but honestly, the visor looks much more striking. I also used some leftovers from green stickers for the sensors above the forehead and at the back of the head.
In general, the Vigna Zirah is pretty good kit despite its age. Its bulkiness and color scheme certainly distinguish it as something much more than a standard grunt. While I recommend it, you will need to pour some effort on it to make it really shine.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fate UBW 01

This one was a little slow until the last few minutes.
Shirou's POV of the prologue is rather uneventful compared to Rin's, that is until Lancer begins to target him and Saber is summoned. The Gae Bolg bullshit attack was pretty cool to watch.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Latest loot

A couple of things finally arrived.
The Robot Damashii figure of the Crossbone Gundam X-2 Custom REALLY lacks accessories compared to the X-1. I mean, come on, they didn't include its trademark weapon, the Shot Lancer. I suspect Bandai will later release a web exclusive weapon set, ugh. The Dragonar-1 Custom on the other hand is plain fantastic, dem OBARI proportions, a super glossy paintjob (although prone to leave fingerprints all over it) and comes with all of its weapons.
As for the Majin Bone kit, I know NOTHING about the series, however, the design really caught my eye, as it kinda reminded me of Kamen Rider Ryuki, not to mention it was super cheap. It will be interesting to work on it later.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Gundam Build Fighters TRY 01

I hope the ride is just as good as the last one. The whole thing of the Dom hiding the Build Burning Gundam was really cool. Really looking forward to the new customs and designs we will see.