Sunday, February 7, 2016

MG Nu Ver. Ka WIP 4

The Nu Gundam can finally stand up.
It not only looks good. It is pretty damn big, as once put together it is about 22cm tall, quite big for a MG, and I still have to see how tall it is once you attach the funnels at the back.
I love how the decals in the waist turned out, those skirt plates are massive, just like everything else. Finally, I decided to do some painting on the thrusters, using silver and metallic red and the result was neat.
I will repeat this for the thrusters of the backpack, but first, I gotta finish the legs, as there are plenty of armor plates and decals you must apply all over them. Meanwhile, here is a shot of the Nu next to Char's golden suit.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

MG Nu Ver. Ka WIP 3

Got the arms and shoulders done.
I really like how the "A" insignia turned out. It looks very nice. Also, the exposed green parts over the inner frame look much better than I thought. Unfortunately, I ran out of gold paint and I need that to paint some more pieces of this model, so I'll have to stock up next weekend.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

MG Nu Ver. Ka WIP 2

Slow progress with this kit.
The LED really does wonders once you turn it on! Still, applying all those decals is really tiresome, but the result is worth it. Similarly, while the LED looks great, it is really cumbersome to turn off and on. Also, I was thinking about leaving the yellow parts just like that, but gold seems to be the right choice for them
I'll work in the shoulders and arms next.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Metal Build Exia Repair

This version of the Exia needed more screen time in the show!
The Exia Repair is the crude attempt of Setsuna to restore the functionality of his Gundam after the double K.O. that Graham scored against him with his GN Flag in the grand finale of the first season of Gundam 00. While it is still operational, the performance of the Exia Repair is a far cry of what the Gundam originally could do, as it lost most of its arsenal during the encounter against the Alvaaron of Alejandro Corner, its entire left arm is missing and half of its head got blown off, courtesy of Graham. Finally, due to the extensive damage, its GN Condensers are cracked and broken, meaning that most probably it can't even activate the Trans-Am system.
The only weapons the Exia Repair has access to is the GN Sword, which still retains the ability to switch to its rifle mode, even though the blade itself is broken and barely usable and the GN Vulcan located on its right arm, meaning that Setsuna had to extensily use and develop his own skills as a pilot to keep up against the new mobile suits developed by the A-Laws.
The figure itself is pretty awesome. It has lots of subtle scratches and weathering all over it to reproduce the extensive damaged state of the Gundam. This is especially noticeable in the damaged head and the multiple cracks it sports in the chest and arm.
The torn cloak has a leather-like texture and it is actually quite heavy, to the point that it can sag down the shoulder articulation. This piece in particular is composed of two layers, which are attached to hinges, giving you a very ample range of articulation and movement for them.
In terms of extras there is really not much, only some extra hands for the right arm and that's it. Quite understandable given that the Exia Repair is pretty bare bones in the first place. Still, the figure packs some additional parts intended for the normal Metal Build Exia, so you can form the Exia Repair II with them. Neat, but totally useless if you only own this figure.
The most worthy mention is of course, the diecast content. The entire frame of the figure is metal, giving it quite beefy and chunky proportions. It actually makes the MG kit look very thin and even anorexic, making this Metal Build a complete improvement over the MG. Still try to be careful with the joints, as they can get loose very easily due to the friction of the diecast.
Overall, the Exia Repair is a class of its own due to the extensive attention and subtle details it has all over the place to achieve its war veteran look. I definitely recommend it to anyone who digs the Exia but also wants it to be quite distinct from any other mech.