Sunday, July 17, 2016

MG Hi Nu Gundam Ver. Ka WIP 3

Base body complete.
It looks deliciously FAT. Also, damn, the arms may not look like it, but those and the shoulders have a whole lot of parts, it took me longer than expected to fully assemble them and put on all the decals.
Amuro's insignia seems less flashy than the one on the Nu, but still cool. The head is also super sharp, I decided to paint the smaller v-fin with silver, because the gray it came molded in looked really dull.
And of course, there is the LED gimmick.
It is still far from complete, but I'm getting there. Next will be the backpack and the fuel tanks.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

MG Hi Nu Gundam Ver. Ka WIP 2

Got the whole HWS equipment done.
The extra parts make the model look even beefier and are surprisingly solid when you attach them. The skirt armors simply go on top of the normal ones, while the ones of the legs require you to slide a panel and insert a peg.
The huge 01 waterslides look cool, but they were a real pain in the ass, as such big markings need you to use decal softener, otherwise you will ruin them, so keep that in mind.
Even though I bothered to use some gold paint for the vents in the chest and place all the markings in that section, the extra chest armor of the HWS equipment covers all of that, so it was kinda pointless.
Dem missiles.The model is already pretty heavy and it is still lacking all of its weapons, but before that, I'll work in the shoulders and arms next.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

MG Hi Nu Gundam Ver. Ka WIP 1

It's been ages since I wrote something, and plenty of stuff happened. Anyways, I got a good progress so far with the Hi Nu kit.
I'm surprised with how different it is from the Nu Ver. Ka. The whole frame and structure is new and from the looks of the legs so far, it is quite beefy.
The purple parts are really neat. The rich color certainly makes the model stand out a lot. Can't wait to see it complete.
I do have some complains so far, especially on the legs. Unlike any other model I have so far, the mechanism to bend the legs is located at a single piece in the knee, which has channel, allowing the grooves of the frame to slide backwards and forwards. Sounds neat and it is, problem is that said channel is extremely loose, to the point that merely picking up the model will make the legs bend backwards with no resistance at all.
I used some white glue and bits of blutack to try to add some friction, but I'm afraid the model may still give in, as not only it is very backheavy (the fact you are supposed to use a support base attached to the backpack to merely stand it up says everything), since I plan to add the HWS parts, the extra weight may prove to be too much.
Well, whatever, the waist will be next. Also, even though I intend to apply every single decal as instructed in the manual, I feel it hasn't been quite the chore as it was with the vanilla Nu... save for the funnels. Good God, screw those things in this kit, those decals will be a freaking nightmare...

Friday, May 6, 2016

New Loot!

Some new stuff arrived ealier this week.
The new MG Freedom Gundam 2.0 seems to have taken note of the stylish Metal Build line, so it won't look that out of place among those particular figures. I think I'll start with this next, although it seems like I'll have to wait for the 3rd party waterslides to come out, as the stickers look really bad in the reviews of this kit.
This figure of the infamous King of Games, Yami Yugi, looks superb! Seems Kotobukiya decided to take advantage of the new Yu-Gi-Oh! movie and did a reissue of this item, which was originally released a few years ago. Yeah, yeah, the show was basically a massive commercial for the trading card game, but the actual manga is really good, worth a read so I took the nostalgia bait. The sculpt is great, especially the face and crazy hair, looks straight out of the show/manga. I hope Kotobukiya eventually decides to reissue the Dark Magician figure too, as Yugi without his most faithful servant feels incomplete.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Metal Build Strike Freedom Gundam Get

May as well try to keep up with the releases.
Just a day after the Red Frame I acquired this one. Just like every other Metal Build, it is very impressive, especially with its bulky proportions and more stylized profile. It should be noted that it is perhaps one of the heaviest releases once put together, maybe even more than the Gold Frame. Problem is, the span of the wings demand a lot of space for it to be displayed in all its glory.
I will try to get the Exia too, which will be reissued next August, problem is the preorders vanished in seconds...