Monday, November 21, 2016

Re:Edit Iron Man Hulkbuster Get

Now, that's an armor.
It is a bit weird that despite liking Iron Man, I never bothered to acquire a figure of the dozens of armors available out there.
Until now.
And what a way to start with.
Sentinel's Hulkbuster is really pricey, thankfully, Amiami had it with a discount of 51% off, prompting me to purchase it on the spot.
A mere glance at the box speaks of quality, going from the amazing metallic red and gold paintjob to the size and weight of the figure, which is really something. The multiple shiny LEDs for the eyes, torso, hands and legs, along the magnetic shields on the forearms and the opening cockpit feature blew me away.
I think I might get a few more Iron Man figures in the future, starting with the upcoming S.H. Figuarts Mk III and in the future, some more Re:Edit releases, which may be expensive, but thankfully do not vanish instantly like other stuff, such as the Metal Builds.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Metal Build Destiny Get

This beauty finally arrived.
What is Bandai's obsession of always making the effects of the WoL of the Destiny Gundam exclusive items? I think only the old Robot Damashii figure included them.
Anyways, I preordered this thing almost a whole year ago from Buyee and it just arrived. Never before I had waited that long for a release.
The box is freaking huge due to the wing effects add on, as that and the box of the figure itself are inside the sleeve that depicts the fight that never happened between the Destiny and the Strike Freedom lol.
While the Destiny Gundam itself looks super badass in the MB recreation, it is a bit of a letdown that they didn't bother to update it, especially if you compare just how amazing are all the joints and range of motion the previously released Strike Freedom has.
Don't get me wrong, the MB Destiny Gundam has great range of articulation, it just feels a bit outdated, which is kinda understandable being a mere rerelease of one of the first figures of the line, but for the price they charged for it one could have hoped a bit more of improvement. Nevertheless, attach the WoL effect parts and they will shut your complains.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

MG Freedom Gundam 2.0

Kira's upgrade from Gundam SEED is ready to sortie!
I was pretty excited since Bandai first announced this 2.0 release of the Freedom, as the old MG was pretty dated, not to mention that the updated proportions and stylized design gave it the air of a Metal Build figure, so this was pretty much a must buy for me.
I wasn't disappointed, as this kit is basically gorgeous. A straight build is more than enough to turn it into a impressive display, however, I advice to whoever gets it to be wary of the hip joints. While the way they are engineered provides maximum range of movement, they are also extremely fragile, so handle with care. In my case I decided to stick with the pose of the boxart and leave it like that.
The main difference is of course, the blade of the beam saber. The kit provides you with the boring standard tube-shaped blades. Honestly, those are terrible. Fortunately, I had the spare beam effects of the DM Akatsuki kit, so I just painted them with clear red to get a much more agressive blade that fits the new style of this Freedom.
The beam rifle and shield got little updates in the design too, with the former being able to fold the handle when storing it in the back and the latter getting an actual layered surface. The plasma cannons behind the wings got the most changes, as they incorporate new fins, their barrels can extend and the middle section is able to open up.
The basic principle of the Freedom is to combine the Duel's agility with the firepower of the Buster. While attaching mutliple weapons can do the latter, the former is more important and tricky to surpass. It is here where the 10 wings shine. These are the defining trait of this Gundam and in my opinion, the reason why the Freedom will always be a superior design to the Strike Freedom.
The wings attach to the backpack, which is fairly small, but once the whole thing is put together, the weight makes the display base a must. Fully extended, the whole span is pretty impressive and will demand a large area in the shelf. The kit provides with some markings to number the wings. Just be careful when applying them, as there is a risk of confusing the left wings with the right wings since they look identical and are symmetrical.
After putting this thing together I also realized how desperately this kit needs its nemesis: the Providence. Such a kit would probably be quite pricey since it is bigger than the Freedom and its remote weaponry surpasses that of the Nu or the Hi Nu. Still, I would gladly buy it, but knowing our luck, it would be a P-Bandai item.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

SRW OG: The Moon Dwellers Platinum

Nothing much to say about this one. The 3rd lap on the game unlocks Special mode, giving you 15 upgrade bars to all your mechs, so shit gets crazy pretty fast.
With the previous 2 laps you should have between 12 and 15 million of cash to upgrade your units. Just fully upgrade Bellzelute and Granteed and watch Calvina and Touya completely destroy everything for the first 20 stages or so (just give the latter a Tesla Drive and a Booster to make up for its terrible attack ranges).
If anything, the only trophy that is a bit hard to unlock at first if the "Only One Crash" one, which requires you to deliver 100k damage or more to an enemy in a single battle. By the final stages this is a piece of cake even on bosses, as you just have to use an Armor Breaker, lower their morale to 50 and use a Maximum Break, involving either combination attacks or someone whose melee or shooting stat is fully upgraded.
Anyways, this was a pretty easy game to complete, save for some rough spots in EX-Hard. Now let's just hope the next OG game doesn't take another 4-5 years to appear. Honestly, I'm not really excited about the upoming SRW V given how many sprites they are going to recycle from the Z3 games, which were pretty terrible.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

MG Freedom Gundam 2.0 WIP 1

After all that effort I put into the MG Hi Nu, I decided to go with a mere out of the box build for this one, nothing too fancy with this kit, but honestly, it doesn't really need it.
I'm sure everyone already knows of the problem with the hip joints on this kit. The issue here is that said section incorporates a neat "T" shaped mechanism in the groin and hip connectors, thus giving the model a crazy range of movement for the legs. The problem is that the peg is fairly fragile and may endure too much stress when you move it.
My suggestion is to sand down a bit those pegs to reduce friction once you insert them in place. That way they will have an easier time moving around. Still, try to be careful when moving the legs to avoid an unfortunate accident from happening.
That aside, the new stylized proportions for this Freedom are awesome. All those sharp edges and angles seem akin to the style used in the Metal Builds, so it definitely will fit right among those. The kit also includes some additional gimmicks in the elbows and chest to provide additional ranges of articulation, similar to what we see in the legs, so I'm sure it will be able to recreate any pose from the show.