Sunday, May 3, 2015

Ex Exbein WIP 1

So far so good with this kit of the ultimate Huckebein.
This is an OOB build, with some minor painting thanks to the great color separation Kotobukiya delivers. The most work in that aspect are the vulcans in the head, which required some black and silver paint. A neat feature is that many of the resulting scratches from cutting off the pieces from the runners end up hidden by others during the assembly process, so the model will look really good even with minimal effort.
In my case, I decided to add some random decals all over the body and I think they really, really improve the looks. The effort was worth it. I also used green stickers for the sensors in the cameras of the head and waist.
I'll work in the backpack next, for which I got an idea I want to try out.

Friday, April 24, 2015

RD Crossbones

Well, with the arrival of this RD X-3 Gundam, I've finally completed the trio.
I love the light blue color and it should be noted that its beam effect parts of the Muramasa Blaster are slightly different from those of the X-1. The way you attach the I-field effect parts is also pretty clever. That aside, it is a very simple, yet accurate reproduction of Tobia's ride.
My main complain is that Bandai decided to make it a web exclusive item, forcing you to pay a higher price for it. Worse thing is, they seem to have a hard on for making anything Crossbone Gundam related web exclusive: that weapon effect part for the X-1 (items that should have been included in the release of the actual figure!), the upcoming RD X-1 Kai, which comes with the cloak, the HG X-1 Kai, which comes with the entire arsenal and the HG X-2 Kai (with no freaking shot lancer!).
Obviously, the eventual HG X-3 will also be web exclusive, and I bet the vanilla X-2 will be too...ugh, still, I'll try complete the set in HG form, since I already have my X-1 and made my very own X-0.

Monday, April 20, 2015

1/144 Wild Wurger - High Mobility Mode

The little cousin of the Alteisen!
The Wild Wurger is developed to use the same style of combat as the mighty red brick, that is, take things close up and personal, however, unlike the Alteisen, this unit also incorporates extreme flying capabilities which are revealed when it enters its high mobility mode by purging the Jacket Armor that covers most of the body of the unit.

Here you can see an all around view of the model. The build was very simple, I only used Tamiya Mica Blue over all the blue pieces of the armor and flat topcoat over everything else. I think the result was really good and the green aurora sticker I placed over the visor highlights the head a lot.
Being a Kotobukiya kit, color separation is outstanding, just like every other SRW model, you only need very few drops of gray paint over certain details like the vents and those circles in the gatling gun cannons, as well as some yellow for the vents in the side skirt armors.
The weapon systems of the Wild Wurger are somewhat similar to the Alteisen, starting with the Triple Vulcan mounted in the left arm, which fires a three-barrel gatling gun cannon. The Cold Metal Sword, designed after the Cold Metal Knives of the R-1, is a katana-shaped blade stored in the Triple Cannon's pack.
Mounted in the right arm is the Stag Beetle Crusher, which serves as a massive crushing pincer. This is a very unorthodox weapon, but given the particular fighting style of the Wurger's pilot, Arado Baranga, it was decided to give this machine in particular an oversized crusher-like weapon. 
Finally, stored at the back is the Tesla Drive, from where the wings of the Wurger can extend and fly around all over the enemy, slicing it to pieces with both, its sword and cutting wings. In combination with the Wild Falken, the two can deliver the Twin Bird Strike, essentially, a variant of the Rampage Ghost attack from the ATX Team.
The sword obviously was painted with silver, as out of the box comes in a gray color. I also added a metallic green sticker on the sensor of the Stag Beetle Crusher. You also get a M90 Assault Machinegun, but I didn't bother with it.

Overall, I am quite pleased with the final result I got from this kit. It looks great, especially since the Stag Beetle Crusher is such a massive weapon that seems even bigger than the Revolver Stake of the Alteisen. My only complain is that the legs could have gotten a double jointed articulation to make the poses more dynamic and the waist section that plain sucks, since it is supposed to hold the entire torso though a tiny "T" peg that is almost useless, so handle with care.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

1/144 Wild Wurger WIP 2

Got the main body done and man, I'm loving that mica blue!

It wasn't until I attached everything that I noticed just how LONG the legs are, like twice the size of the body. As expected from Katoki lol. My main complain is in the waist section, the way it attaches to the body is very fragile, as it all depends from a peg in a "T" form, so the slightest touch can make the torso fall off very easily.
Once again, paint touch ups are minimal, just some yellow in the vents of the side skirt armors, the blue pieces in the shoulders and gray for the vents and some details in the legs. I should get the weapons and backpack ready soon.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Ferryman of the Hades

Yay for a new Myth Cloth that just got here. Since I'm skipping the whole Soul of Gold line, this one is probably one of the last figures I'll get.

Acheron Charon is quite ugly, and this figure captures that feature perfectly. The helmet stands out a lot with that weird form and the red eyes of the mask, and the overall design of the Surplice is quite cretive thanks to the harlquien motif. The inclusion of the boat was a nice touch. It is a simple figure, but quite good thanks to its high quality despite being based on a character that appeared in a single episode...