Saturday, September 13, 2014

MG Crossbone Skull Heart WIP 3

A little painting really brings to live the weapons of this Gundam.

The Muramasa Blaster came out really nice, I love how sleek it looks. The Peacock Smasher on the other hand, was a royal pain in the ass. It was very tiring to paint all those spray cans one after another (16 halves in total!) and one problem I didn't notice until I was done, was that when you extend the crossbow thing, the paint in the frame that connects the cans to each other chips away. It's not something that terrible, as I can still fix it with a gray Gundam marker, but to have to do it every time I close and open the weapon is very discouraging.
Another issue I noticed is the weight. These weapons are pretty heavy, and I'm almost sure the Crossbone will barely be able to hold them up. The gun is pretty much a no go given that all the weight is concentrated at the front. As for the sword, I'm still not sure about it, but with the extra weight that the beam effect parts will add I'm not really expecting much.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

MG Crossbone Skull Heart WIP 2

With so many toys to play, this Gundam seems like a swiss knife!
I just love how many weapons this thing can carry, it's awesome!
Pretty much every major component of the kit is done. I did some minor painting to try to reduce how plain the Gundam looks in some areas, such as the waist and legs.
The weapons are the part that still need some more work, the Peacock Smasher in particular requires quite a lot of painting before I can be satisfied, fortunately, it only needs gray paint, so that will be a breeze.
Nevertheless, this is still far from complete, as I want to add quite a lot of markings all over the place, and the decals I ordered from Samueldecal still have not arrived, so even if I finish painting, I'll be stuck until I can start to apply them. Also, I plan to work in a custom cloak instead of adding the cumbersome Full Cloth thing.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

MG Crossbone Skull Heart WIP 1

So far so good.
The Crossbone X-1 surely looks cool, but damn, there are some many tiny and thin pieces you can easily screw up if you are not extremely careful when you are working on this guy. I added some gold paint with a Gundam marker to the mouth vent to try to make it stand out once you reveal that feature, which I prefer over the F91.
I don't think I'll even bother building the Full Cloth equipment, as it seems pretty cumbersome and restrictive, especially on a model which I remember quite well for its fragility.

Friday, August 22, 2014

HGUC Crossbone Gundam, finally!

Welp, 2 days after receiving my MG Crossbone Gundam X-1 Full Cloth, they announce that the X-1 will be released in the 1/144 scale... it must be a signal!
The previous release of the Crossbone Maoh made it obvious the regular Crossbone Gundams were on their way and I''m really pleased to see this one, seems fairly detailed, to the point that they even included the handsome beam shield, but it seems the scissor anchors are absent. I wonder if the Core Fighter will actually be part of the figure itself or a separate piece, as it was the case with the HG V2.
Another more important question is if the X-2 and X-3 will be normal releases or fucking exclusives. The fact Bandai will make them is a no brainer, as they are 90% identical to the X-1, with only a few differences regarding their weaponry, v-fin and forehead emblem. The X-3 particularly worries me, as the upcoming Robot Damashii already has that status, and since the MG version is also a web exclusive, not allowing the HG to be a regular release would be a crime.
Also, the Crossbone mold can be milked without effort thanks to the multiple variants. Let's see:
- X-1 Kai: doubt they will be that shameless, as this version only incorporates the screw whips in the back skirts.
- X-1 Kai Kai "Skullheart": this seems more like it, as this version incorporates the skull in the chest, along with the Peacock Smasher and the Muramasa Blaster.
- X-1 Full Cloth: same as the above, only with the extra armor a la Deathscythe Hell or Dynames.
- X-2 Kai: slightly different thrusters and incorporates the Buster Launcher.
- X-0 Ghost: seems exactly the same as the Skullheart, save for the different color scheme and the 2 Butterfly Busters.
- XM-10 Flint: mass produced Crossbone trash. A cool grunt suit.
See? There's at least 5 very possible variants that can come from this release! What do you think? Anyways, I think I'll grab 2 copies of this kit to make a custom paintjob and turn one of them in the X-0.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Crossbone Intensifies!

There's something about the Crossbone Gundam designs that simply makes them look badass.
I know, having recently purchased the RD Crossbone Gundam Full Cloth, what is the point of buying the MG? Well, for starters, the RD figure lacks A TON of the weapons and stuff this bad boy carries: the model kit comes with more accessories than a Barbie doll!
Secondly, one of my very first models back when I began this hobby was the MG Crossbone Ver. Ka, but I guess I was just too much of a n00b to do a proper job with it (I snapped plenty of pieces of that one!), so let's think of this an attempt to redeem myself from that disaster. I don't think I'll even bother with the actual Full Cloth, as I know from various reviews that it is way too cumbersome, so I think I'll go with either the vanilla X-1 or the Skull Heart version.
As for the other kit, the Vigna Zirah, damn, it oozes style. It may be quite old (and cheap too, less than 1,000 yen!), but the design is also really cool and thanks to its features, it stands out from being the generic grunt doomed to be cannon fodder, although it seems it requires quite a bit of painting and detailing to make it shine.
I also bought it because I really wanted to give the MG Crossbone a partner to pose together, and given that the X-2 and X-3 are fucking exclusives by Bandai, I decided to settle with what arguably is the coolest normal released Crossbone kit out there besides the actual X-1. Now if only Bandai would finally make a MG of the V2 to assemble the 3 main late UC Gundams...
Anyways, I'm still not sure on which one I'll begin to work, as while I plan a simple OOB build for the X-1, I want to add some details to it with a little bit of paint and waterslide decals I ordered, I think the Vigna Zirah may deserve the silver base + clear red technique I used in the HG Sinanju.